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Post by: Icy on August 03, 2008, 12:02:17 am
Hello!  ;D And welcome to the Music Contests forum!  :) Before you start posting, I advise you to read the rules or else maybe get banned/etc if you do not abide by them.

First off:

1. Do not post anything offensive, violent, or otherwise anything that a normal person would not like to see/read.

2. Be kind, and helpful to others, instead of mean and unhelpful. (i.e if someone asks something don't post "I don't know.  ::)" instead post something "helpful" or if you don't know, then don't post.  ;)

3. Don't use "bad" words. swearing is not good.

4. Don't overuse smilies. or punctuation marks.

5. Don't yell at people which is considered "Flaming" and don't post in ALL-CAPS as it is considered yelling. which is flaming.

6. Don't go too off topic. talking on a topic that someone suddenly brought up is okay but don't post too many posts about the "Off-Topic".

7. Try to post in English as best as you possibly can. Using too many abbreviations, slangs etc. will make your posts unreadable and messy.
This also applies for all other languages.

8. Start topics and post your posts in the correct topic/board. Moderators don't like having to clean up a lot of mess.  ;)

10. Do not request pirated software or give links to it as piracy is wrong.

11. Don't take these rules too hard and say "I can't follow all this. I'm leaving." We enjoy your company and like to see you post. We just ask that you try to abide as much as you can by these rules.

Thank you for reading this. And welcome to the forums!

P.S. We will be updating these rules so remember to check regularly every few weeks.  ;)

(written by Stipe)
I edited rule no. 7. because I think you didn't write it good. I know what you meant, but you wrote it like you don't want to see any grammar mistakes. And people whose English isn't native (like me :P) won't find that nice.
Also, this helped me define first board better. Now, it kinda has an aim! :P

(written by Jordz)
Stipe, your grammar in rule no.7 was terrible, ive fixed it up. No offence. :p